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help in time of need, CHRISTMAS HELP: For those asking; Yes, People do help on this site. Although, not

For those asking; Yes, People do help on this site. Although, not with money or cars. Some people may pray for you, or give you information to help you through, others may choose to send a gift to you for your child/children. I, and a few others have helped here. However, I can no longer help this year. I pray you all get what you need to make this Holiday bright.
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would love to smile  

aidpage: I look forward to helping anyone get dental impkants. My heart is full of spirit its so

I look forward to helping anyone get dental impkants. My heart is full of spirit its so hard to stay hopeful and positive I pray everyday to just be able to look at myself in the mirrorWITH a smile or be able to est something besides soup, you know, the simple things in life. Sincerely, Would love to smile again
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I just sent aidpage a message about a scam that Efrat is posting, saying that a family

I just sent aidpage a message about a scam that Efrat is posting, saying that a family from Russia needs help, and I just received a message back from aidpage that the posting is down at this time. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYTHING FROM THESE FOREIGN COUNTRIES BECAUSE IT IS A SCAM, I USED TO WORK FOR A BANK AND HAVE SEEN PEOPLE LOSE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO THESE CRIMINALS. I DO KNOW THAT THEY USED TO SEND OUT REQUESTS FROM NIGERIA, AND OTHER PLACES IN THAT COUNTRY!!
Thanks so much, Deb
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Yes... we will add this feature in the next week or two.
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AidpageTeam   in reply to barbie49701   on

About barbie49701

Hi barbie49701,

You're not alone in not liking the new Aidpage. We know that people are not happy when websites change. But Aidpage was getting "old" in many ways. The site had not been changed since 2008.

We are listening to all reactions to this change. We take notes and we will make adjustments as soon as possible.

For example, we obviously underestimated the need that our active members have to access all their one-to-one messages in one place. The new interface gives quick and easy access to your one-to-one messages with one other member when you mouse over his/her avatar... But this obviously is not good enough. We will make it also easy to browse all your one-to-one messages in one place.

All your public posts are easily accessible from the blue link that says "My posts..." which you can see at the top of your homescreen (just right of your nickname).

There are also a few other things that obviously need to be adjusted... and we will do this as soon as possible.

I hope you have noticed that you can customize your background (from the user menu at the top-right corner). There is still a technical bug with this function (sometimes requires a reload of the page to work). We will take care of this bug in the next few days.

On a more general level - Aidpage is still cooler than Facebook and Twitter. Not because of how it looks, but because of what it does. Please, take a look at this: http://help-topics.aidpag... (this is the "About Aidpage" link which you can see at the bottom of each page).

Thank you for your sincere reaction. I hope that you are not really leaving Aidpage. I hope you'll be back.

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Very confused about figuring out how to use Aidpage properly

I must admit, I was very excited when I came across this site while looking for any pages with info to help me out with my problem(s)
When I found Aidpage, it was like, perfect! A site for getting help and helping others in similar situations. Such an adverse subject area covering countless topics, it was like, finally, so many unanswered questions.

OK, I have only been here but a # of days, but I truly can't seem to grasp the basics of how it works. Yes I know the concept, but I am having difficulty in the posting and placement of my posts. So many different keywords to choose, but does my post go everywhere? does it go to the 3 keywords? does it go to all the keyword areas you select in the beginning.
How do others with possible helpful info find me or do I find others that I might be able to help?

I am lost and feel like I am bouncing up and down with my thoughts here. It is most likely true. This is probably very simple, but its a Catch-22, as that is just 1 of the reasons I found Aidpage and embraced the idea. I have some nasty cognitive issues which are becoming embarrassing, frustrating and painful for someone like myself or I guess anyone but I am finding it very hard to deal with partially due to my past careers and lifestyle.

If there is some area of help I haven't found or an 'Aidpage for Dummies' book somewhere or just some basic guide on baby steps on how to do this correctly, it would be appreciated.

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Im not gone just takeing time to greive,the loss of a child is NOT easy.

Thank you everyone who has been so supportive. Thank you Inspiration for updateing everyone on aidpage. Please forgive my absense from aidpage, but i am also a member of FCC and in order to stay active to get help getting a car i need to log in and pay it forward so sense my internet access is limited i have been using my time on FCC.
I wanted to update everyone breifly and let yinz know i DID NOT forget you, I will be back soon,Im not sure, but I promise I will be back.
As Sherry informed everyone LaKota passed away, the doctors did everything, we all prayed and God heared our prayers...yes Im going thru so many emotions, but God heared my prayer and ended the pain. LaKota was called home so God could take care of him. He was too small and not strong enough, and was in so much pain to live here with me, but God had other plans and gave him the strength to watch over me & his Big Sister, and gave him wings!
Thank you so much everyone who has said a prayer for us, Thank you for careing and for becomming part of my extended online family.
I chose to go to a shelter where they have greivance councilers that help moms and families that have lost a child. At the shelter i have no net so I go to McDonalds Cafe to use the computers for a little bit when I can. I guess God directed me to this place for another purpose than learning to cope with the passing of my son. The one pastor runs a private Halfway/Transitional houseing (his church owns a few houses and apartments), well after meeting with him durring my counciling sessions a few times, he added me to their houseing list (normally they only offer to members or family of members of their church, I am neither) Today he walked in and asked me how soon I felt ready and capible living independant, and I told him "As soon as I get a call saying I have a home to move to." Pastor then replied with."We have had problems with people moveing in then violating the terms to the lease so I recommended offering an apartment to you, we voted and....would you be interested in haveing a safe place to call your home?" Well to shorten our very long emotional coversation, He will be going to have OCY come inspect the apartment, so I can get my daughter back from her father, and I will have a place to live :) This is ONLY short term...VERY short, my lease is for 3-6months,so hopefully I get a call from Houseing Assistance soon, but this temporary place will help. I think haveing my daughter back will help MAJORLY with my greiving. I will keep yinz updated when I can!

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Prayers for LaKota Madrox born at 27 weeks on 3/11/11

Well my son was born last night. LaKota Madrox is finally here, but he came too early! God is testing me, and I need to stay strong for my son so please keep us in your prayers.LaKota was born at 27 weeks. I started haveing contractions March 10th, and dialated to 3cm before the doctors stopped the contractions. LaKota's heart rate was very low, so low the doctors almost thought they couldn't find it. My amniotic fluid was runing low too, and my health was hindering too.I didn't care too much about my health my main concern was my son & his health.My neighbor friend Di has helped me out alot, she picked me up from my family doctor's office and drove me to the hospital.(thank goodness too the helicopter was on a 2-3 hour delay because of a snow storm and the ambulances were all dispatched with an hour wait.---Di got to me within 15minutes of calling her, and she had already aranged a police esscort out of town. She got me to the hospital safely in 20min. and it is an hour and 15 min trip doing the speed limit.--at least I know Di can get me to the hospital ALOT faster than the ambulance can.) I am thankfull for my friend Di she kept my family and my special friend Sherry from here posted on my health and LaKota's. Di came to visit me after work and brought the laptop so I could try to update everyone, but Im now getting time to do so.Shortly after Di left I went back into labor at 8pm the doctor tried to stop it again but at 9:15pm my son insisted he had to come out & contractions started all over again. The Nurse said she called Di to come back, but she didnt get back in time,because at 10:53pm on March 11th my son LaKota Madrox was born. LaKota's heart stopped 3 times, and is still very slow. LaKota is 17.5 inches long 3lbs 11oz. I am being told he is a miricale, but a bigger miricale will be if he can pull thru.The doctors said the next 72 hours are very critical for him, and if he can make it his survival chances will be closer to 45% chance of survival. Di showed up as they were rushing LK to the NICU.She is going to stay by my side and help me contact friends and family.Please keep my son in your prayers. We (but mostly HE) needs all your prayers.My angel needs all the prayers he can get, his life has been left in Gods hands now, the doctors said there isnt much more they can do for him. Please keep my son in your prayers,please. I haven't even been able to hold LK yet, he is in an incubater hooked to many monitors, and tubes. I start to cry every time I havve to look at my son. I feel like its my fault some how. The Doctors and nurses keep reassuring me that it isn't my fault but, as a mother a part of me still feels some how it is my fault.

I will keep everyone informed and updated as often as I can. I am being told that this will be a long process...mostly alot of waiting and praying.I am trying to be optimistic,it is just very hard, seeing my son in the incubater.Please pray for my family.

Thank you for reading this, thanks in advance for prayers for LK, he really really needs them.

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Let Me Help You Get MANY FREE Items, Coupons, And Other FREEBIES

Do you like getting free things? Do you like getting coupons? Well if you can says yes to these things then you have come to the right post. I am sharring a few places I have been useing to get free samples, and coupons, as well as sweepstakes for chances to win prizes. Most of these sites can be used a few times so remember to hold on to them and check back often.

Join "Friends of Krispy Kreme" and Krispy Kreme will mail you coupons and coupons for FREE samples and gifts.Click this link, then follow directions on the page to get enrolled in Krispy Kreme's progam,its easy and its FREE and you will save ALOT: 

Yoplait is giving away 1 FREE cup of yogurt to 1 million people who request a FREE cup. Fill out the forum and in a couple weeks you will get a coupon for 1 FREE cup of Yoplait yogurt: 

If you have a toddler, you can get coupons, and samples for Beech-Nut stage 4, just fill out the forum with your valid information,wait a couple weeks and then your welcom package will arrive: 

SC Johnson has weekly offers that usually are for the FIRST 3,000 people to requst them, this weeks free offers from SC Johnson are from Pledge(microfiber cleaning cloth) and Scrubby Bubbles 2-n-1 sponge,Sign up BEFORE March 14th, freebies will be shipped March 15th to the FIRST 3,000 people. Here is the link,hold on to it and check the site weekly for new offers and coupons (coupons are generally found on the bottom of the page): 

Jiffy has a new cook book they are offering it for FREE, just sign up with your valid address.It is a very nice cook book full of neat recipies,and its 100% FREE from Jiffy. 

If you like gardening,or want to give gardening a try, or even a fun activity to do with your kids,grandkids, youth group,ect. Red Robin is offering free sample of seeds on their Kids page. While supplies last you can get FREE Heinz tomatoe seeds to grow with your kids,(or yourself).You can request them while supplies last.(So far they still have them.) Just go to this site: 

Have you ever tried Quest Protien bars? Well now you can for FREE. just request them at this link and they will send you 2 Quest Protein bars for FREE. 

Do you like parties?You can get Free stuff for hosting a party at your house. Sign up for chances to host a house party and get free samples coupons and prizes. Check often they add new party chances often. Go to

Got a baby on the way?Graco is offering one pair of clippers for free.Sign up to recieve your FREE pair of Graco LiteUp clippers while supplies last.These are very nice.Just fill out the forum with a valid address and in a couple weeks you'll have these nice clippers: 

Do you like Mirical Whip?Wanna try it? Kraft will send you 2 free samples of Mirical Whip after you fill out the forum with valid information.You also have the opption to give them feedback after you try it.(it is opptional) 

Keep checking here, I will update this post as I confirm how legit offers I find are. (*I will not post any site that offers Freebies UNLESS I personally or a trustworthy friend or family member can cotest to the offers being legit.)

Enjoy your FREE samples,coupons and prizes!!!

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We all must eat to survive, and we all enjoy differant types of foods.Some of us love to cook, some of us dispise cooking, or maybe even some don't know how. I sm working on creating my own online cook book that I want to share with everyone who enjoys cooking, or is tired of the same meals every week. Thru out 2011 I intend to create online cook books to share, and even create How To, online books, that will teach those whom are unfamiliar with cooking to take a chance and try and test ideas to teach themself to learn how to cook.Are you looking for new ideas for dinner? lunch? breakfast? or even snacks & appitizers? If you can answer YES to any of those questions then CLICK HERE   to view the first part of my online cook book. I also started the second part of my online cook book and you can view it when you CLICK HERE  .

I hope you all enjoy!

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Single Mom of 3 NEEDS HELP getting Home to her Family PLEASE READ

Dear Aidpage readers,

 I am comming here today in shock, so please bare with me. My older sister sent me an email this morning, and I have spent ALL day trying to find ways to help her. My sister is a college student going to school to be a Medical Assistant, the school messed up her class schedule and just dropped 2 of her classes 1/2 into the crediting semester and will not credit her accordingly like they are suppose to. So sense they did that she is very depressed and her (now) ex abandond them, had them evicted and destroyed my sisters car,stole over $7,000 from her, and now that she has nothing she wants to be close to family to try to start over and get back on her feet. She quit school, to move home to PA to be with me, so we can help each other out.

  My sister has 3 little boys (5,3, and 1yr) she no longer has a car (because of her ex.) and her last pay-check (well whats left of it after buying food for my nephews.) which she is going to be mailing it to me to have me get us a place to rent (hopping we can find one).I am trying to get her to sell her bed and large things and mail her clothes and take a bus.(but she wants to get a U-Haul.) Sense she has no vehicle we can't get a pull behind trailer. So I checked prices for U-Haul & Penske Rental Trucks. We can't rent one for under $1,600.00, and that is with no truck coverage, no dolly (or other moveing supplies) which being just her trying to move all her stuff the dolly and furnature covers would be very helpfull. If we get coverage,and moveing supplies that just upped the rental to $2,000.00, now this does not count gas coverage. A U-Haul has a 37gal. gas tank and gets about 8 miles to a gal. (they claim 6-10 miles) she has 1,666 mile drive (thats if there are no detours.) with gas prices being between $3.75-5.01 a gal, she needs another $1,000 for gas. Thats putting her at needing between $2,600-$3,000.00 for this move...but she is one person with 3 kids, she needs to stop and sleep at night.(she also isn't a night driver, she has a hard time seeing at night,and doesnt feel comfotable doing it with her kids.) To be on the safe side she needs about $200 for motel stay.(she should only need to spend one night in a motel, but if there are any problems,delays she could need to stay at another motel before she gets here.) She is in need to get moved ASAP. The storage unit she has her stuff in her rental-lease runs out March 11th,and she can't afford to renew it, and her stay at the shelter runs out March 4th, if there are openings at one in a town over she will be able to have shelter until March 11th. When it comes down to it, her deadline is March 11th to get the money to move to PA.

I know this is ALOT of money, and Im sure not many can afford to help with much,and I dont expect that anyone can help with all of it, but if you can donate any small amount, it will help her.Gas gift cards for Country Fair would be GREAT help,(or even SAM's Club gas cards). Please if anyone can PLEASE help my sister get home so we can help each other, I will forever be greatfull.

I have added a link to a PayPal account set up for donations to help my sister fund her way home. Please concider donating, any amount will help.(keep in mind PayPal has donation charges, a donation of $.37 is actually $.06 that she will get.)

Thank you all for your time,prayers and ANY help you can offer. 

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A Poem I Found I Wanted To Share

Just for Now

Just for now, just for this moment, allow the body to be at ease.
Just for now ….. invite the mind and body to slow down.
Just for now….. feel the breath glide in and out without effort.
Just for now ….. quiet the inner critic and judge.
Just for now ….. feel the peaceful mind.
Just for now ….. feel the bliss of a calm body and mind.
Just for now ….. enjoy the pleasure in just being.
Just for now ….. rest in clear, unbiased awareness.

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Adopt-a-Person with a moment of kindness

Dedicate your day to Adopting a Person – or people as you see, meet, pass them. Here’s a simple way to bring more happiness into your life and into the world.

Become a vehicle for kindness and friendliness as you go about your normal daily activities. Bring people back into the family of humanity by acknowledging their presence. Spread kindness one person at a time and notice how you feel. It may be a silent moment inside of you that warms your heart or it may involve an actual interaction with another person.
Some of the ways to Adopt a Person:

Smile at someone
Say “Thank you”
Hold a door open for someone
Say “Hello”
Look someone in the eye with warmth and friendliness
Wave and smile at a stranger
See with warm, kind eyes as you walk through a market place or drive your car
If someone speaks to you, pause and really listen
Give someone else the parking spot
Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know
Compliment someone on how they look or something they did
Make someone feel seen or heard
Find your own creative way to send gestures of kindness and good will

First do this with people that are easy for you to feel natural kindness and friendliness toward – even strangers. Don’t forget to include those closest to you.
Then go the extra mile and do it with people that are difficult – pause and find one thing about them that you can appreciate or respect and let that be the catalyst for returning to an inner feeling of kindness for that person—even if you don’t speak to him or her.
You might even want to keep track of how many people you Adopt in a day. But be sure to notice how you feel when you do this simple practice of the heart. You may notice you are more aware of others and less absorbed in your own stories for awhile.
Also be sure to notice how others respond to you, whether you speak to them or not. Your inner and outer presence will convey to them your intention to be kind and friendly.
This is something you have to try for yourself. You can’t just think about it. You have to put it into action to know the results.

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State Medical Help For Nevada Residents

I wanted to share this info with anyone living in Nevada. If you are a Navadan's and need help get medical insurance please check out this information. Just CLICK HERE and read about how to qualify,who does, and whom to contact. You can even print off a a list of contact info, and other important things if you would like.  

I hope anyone in need of medical insurance in the state of NV will take the time to read this info.I hope those who need help get it.

Many blessings.

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Happy V-Day AidPage

Some of us may have loved ones to share this day with, some of us may be all alone, and some of us may not celibrate holidays at all. Well as a friend and Familia, I wanted to tell everyone on Aidpage Happy V-Day. Many blessings and know that I am here for all yinz if anyone needs to talk, vent, or just need a friend, just know that I am a message away!

Many Blessings for love,health & happiness to all the wonderfull people on aidpage!

Here is a poem for all of AidPage it is very true for all of you so I was compelled to share with my V-Day Cheer:

People come and people go,
In and out of your life and so,
When one shines bright among the rest,
And is there when needed, you’re truly blessed.
That is how I see you, friend of mine,
And why I’m sending this Valentine. 


Lots of Love,


(Next Monday is my Birthday!)

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Coupons For Anyone who can Use Them (Feel free to post coupons here if you have some to share.)

I am trying to get a coupon tradeing group together but, while its in the makeing I have some coupons I dont need.(Please check out my other post about the Coupon Group I am trying to start.) If anyone has any coupons to share feel fre to post them her.If you are looking for specific coupons feel free to request them here.Right now I dont have any extra envelopes or stamps, so if anyone wants these coupons I ask that you send a SASE or donate a $1 in paypal to cover a stamp & an envelope.
I have the following Coupons to share,Take One or Take ALL as long as you can use them:
~*All these are Manufacturer Coupons*~

*1- $1.00 Off Always Pantiliners Expires 9/30/11
*1- $1.00 Off any one Febreze Noticeables Warmer,Duel refill or 2 single refills expires 4/30/11
*1- $2.00 Off any one Febreze woodwick candle expires 4/30/11
*1- $4.00 Off any one Febreze flameless luminary starter kit Expires 4/30/11
*1- $1.00 Off any one Febreze set & refresh Expires 4/30/11
*1- $5.00 Off any one Swiffer Sweepervac Starter Kit Expires 4/30/11
*1- Buy a Sweeper Starter Kit, Get a FREE REFILL (up to $7.00) Expires 4/30/11
*1- $2.00 Off on Ester-C gummies 60ct. Expires 5/1/11

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